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12 Pound Rainbows In The Shadow Of Glaciers

Bob Kloskowski

Living in Southwest Montana I often hear rumors and stories about secret locations where huge rainbows and browns are reported to reside. One not so secret place is the Blackfeet Reservation. Bordering Glacier National Park on approximately 2,400 square miles in Northwest Montana the Blackfeet Reservation contains some of the best trophy lake fishing in the United States.
Several years ago after hearing story after story repeated by friends about the horses [large rainbows and browns] that were being caught on the Blackfeet Reservation I caved into my desire to hook the fish of a lifetime and made my pilgrimage to the reservation.
After obtaining the necessary tribal fishing and float tube permits in Cutbank Montana I made my way to Mission Lake located about 4 miles off of U.S. 2 just west of Cutbank.
Access to most of the lakes on the Blackfeet Reservation is via a dirt and gravel road system that leaves a lot to be desired especially if you happen to get caught in the rain which can turn these roads into Montana Gumbo in a very short time. Something that even 4 wheel drive has problems dealing with.
I could see Mission Lake off in the distance. I drove to the top of a bluff that afforded a dramatic and beautiful view of the entire 750 acre lake. I scanned the lake's surface looking for any signs of fish or surface feeding activity. Just below the bluff I could see several fish moving parallel to the shore within easy casting distance. After pulling on my waders I tied on a pattern recommended by a friend and made my way to that area. It was a beautiful, cool morning and the wind which is usually a problem on the Blackfeet Reservation was non-existent. I worked my way along the shore casting then retrieving, working my leech pattern along the margins of the lake. The water was cold and the neoprene waders proved to be a good choice as I waded deeper into the lake. I made my next cast and retrieved ever so slowly when suddenly my line movement came to a fast abrupt halt. I was fast to a beautiful Mission Lake rainbow. After what seemed to be several hours of battle I landed measured and released an 8 1/2 pound horse.
I hooked and landed several other very nice rainbows that morning and broke off a very large rainbow that looked like a small Whale when it came out of the water only to part my tippet from my leader. It had to be at least twelve pounds !




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