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Catching Atlantic Salmon On Dry Damsels

Bob Kloskowski

It was 6:30 PM as I started on the Cascade Lakes Highway and it was snowing. What a start for my first fly fishing trip to Oregon. Snow during the third week of June. My plans were to meet with Treg and Sue sometime that afternoon but the fishing at Silver Creek was so good I just had to wet a line one more time that morning.
As I entered the Hosmer Lake Campground I could see the lights from Treg's truck behind me. Treg showed me my campsite and we discussed fishing later that evening. I drove over to the store at Lava Lakes to obtain an Oregon Fishing permit but alas the store was closed. Fishing would have to wait another day.
By 9:00 AM on Friday we were ready to fish. What had been snow, sleet and clouds the night before turned into beautiful bright sunny skies. The campground was perfect and the surroundings breathtaking.
It was almost noon before we paddled our way out into the lake. This would be my first experience catching landlocked Atlantic Salmon. As I moved slowly through the water I could see subtle rises along the reeds that grew in the boggy margins of the lake. My eye's were trained on the water's surface trying to detect what the fish were feeding on. As I scanned the reeds, I watched as an Atlantic Salmon came out of the water to take a damselfly that had landed on one of the reeds. These fish were working back and forth searching for unsuspecting adult damselflies that were landing among the reeds. I tied on an adult dry damselfly and enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon catching and releasing 16 to 20 inch Atlantic Salmon. The action was so fast that on several occasions fish came up to take adult damsels that had landed on my fly line.




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