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The Trout King

C.E. Pickhardt
Reviewed by Bob Kloskowski

A wonderful novel about competition and comradeship. The personal struggles and hardships in the quest for Trout King in the small community of Bishop’s Place.
A hard and driven competitor who has held the tile of “Trout King” for eight years, Alexander McGregor will do just about anything to retain the title. McGregor’s resourceful methods produce results that give him the lead among the field of competitors. The confidence that he will once again be crowned “Trout King” until he suspects his non-resident rival, Sam Henry, hasn’t given up and in fact may be onto the largest trout ever taken in Bishop’s Place. Suspense mounts as McGregor gives in to his suspicions and covertly follows Henry for days. Then, with only a few days remaining to the conclusion of the contest, on a monsoon like day when the rain poured from the sky, an unexpected series of events determines the conclusion to the contest.
The Trout King by C.E.Pickhard. 224 pages 6 X 9, paperback . Published by Bonneville Books at $13.95



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