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A Reel That You Must Keep Dry !


LLLooking for a drag system that would be an improvement over the old click and paw drag system that my Hardy LRH offered I decided to give the Scientific Anglers System 2-L Reels a try. My choice was their model 56 L which was designed to accommodate about one hundred yards of twenty pound test backing and a WF6F fly line. I liked the light weight design of the reel and it's drag system seemed to work great at first. My desire was to be able to control the large rainbows and browns that migrate out of Hebgen Lake and run up the Madison River every fall to spawn. My first test of this new reel would be in late October on the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. The reel and drag system worked great. I was able to control and land my first two leaping rainbows without any problem. When I hooked my next fish my problems began. Apparently during the process of landing my previous rainbow I inadvertently submerged my Scientific Anglers 56 L reel in the Madison River. Now that I was fast to my third fish I realized that the drag system had completely failed. I virtually had no drag at all. I turned the drag adjustment as far as it could go but that would only offer the slightest improvement. After landing that beautiful brown sometime later I sat down, took apart the reel and dried the drag system as well as I was able and resume fishing this time trying to avoid any possibility of submerging the reel.
I have since experienced this same problem with the Scientific Angler 56 L reel and have sold it.





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