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Secret Dry Fly Floatant From Argentina

Bob Kloskowski
Some of my fondest moments while fly fishing the Rocky Mountain west have been watching the subtle rise of a beautiful trout taking my dry fly from the surface of a stream.
To witness something that you've put together with a little fur and a few feathers floating among live insects being finally accepted as real with the take of a trout is something that is hard to describe.
To help keep your fly floating you need the help of a good dry fly floatant. Most of the commercial products will do the job but all have their draw backs and the cost is about $4 per ounce. The only floatant that I've found acceptable has been a product called Hydrophobe which is made in France and difficult to find in any fly shops.
Hearing of my dissatisfaction with floatants, my friend Alberto Usman from Argentina sent me this recipe. It's a simple recipe with ingredients that you can find locally.
There are 3 basic ingredients which are combined in equal proportions:
1--Part Solid Wax [Obtained in a Candle Making Supply Store]
1--Part Liquid Wax [Obtained in a Candle Making Supply Store]
1--Part Liquid Silicone [ Obtained from your local Pharmacy]
The smallest amount of Liquid Wax and Pure liquid Silicone that I was able to purchase was in quart amounts. I decided to make my first batch of floatant using only 2 ounces of each ingredient. I put a container half full of water into the microwave. Inside that container I placed another smaller container with cut up chunks of solid wax. I set the timer just long enough to get the water in the container to boil. It took a while but the solid wax became liquid.
I measured 2 ounces of the melted solid wax and poured it into a mixing container. To this I added 2 ounces of the liquid wax and 2 ounces of the pure liquid silicone. You must keep mixing these ingredients until they cool to prevent separation. When the mixture starts to congeal pour it into individual 1 ounce containers.





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