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The Ghost Of Old Faithful Inn

Bob Kloskowski

Several years after the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park first opened for business, a young bride and groom planned to spend their wedding night in this beautiful Inn over looking the Old Faithful geyser.
They had a wonderful day touring the geyser basins, viewing the animals and marveling at the natural wonders that Yellowstone had to offer. They sat by the fire that evening in the great, balconied lobby as the moon shown through the windows and the fire crackled in the stone fireplace. After a wonderful meal in the dinning room the couple decided to retired early for the evening.
The next morning the usual hustle and bustle associated with a busy Inn could be found in the lobby. Guests were checking in and guests were checking out. The halls were filled with visitors carrying luggage in and out. The restaurant was open and serving breakfast. The gift shops were selling their wears. All seemed normal until around 11:00 AM when the housekeeping staff enter the suite of the newlyweds to change the linen and tidy the room. A scream echoed throughout the Inn when one of the housekeeping staff enter the bathroom and discovered the headless body of the newly wed bride.
An extensive investigation was made of the Inn and surrounding buildings but alas the bride’s head could be found no where and the whereabouts of the groom was unknown. The search went on for days, perhaps weeks with no tangible results.
After several weeks the operation of the Inn seemed to get back to normal....or did it ?
Since that tragic night at the Old Faithful Inn several reports have been made which cite by name the then bell captain who reported that in one wing, guests and employees alike claim to have seen headless apparitions of the bride floating along the balconied lobby as if to be searching for her missing head. They also mentioned by name the executive housekeeper in 1984, who scoffed at the idea until she allegedly underwent a series of spooky experiences in the same wing (she swears she felt a body brush past her) and refused to go there alone again. The Inn has put in a great deal of effort to dispel these stories and has even changed the room numbers in this wing several times.
If you are the adventuresome type be sure to spend an evening or two at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park and take a walk along the upper balconies in the lobby during the early hours of the morning if you dare.




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