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A Fast Sinking Line For The Madison

Bob Kloskowski

Having used Scientific Anglers Fly Lines for years, I decided to give their Wet Cel Uniform Sink Lines a try. I was looking for a Super Fast Sinking Line that would get my Wooly Buggers and Streamers down fast in some of the fast water stretches of the Madison River in both Yellowstone Park and that portion of the Madison River between Yellowstone Park and Hebgen Lake. I chose the Scientific Anglers Uniform Sink Wet Cel V which has a sink rate of 4.5 to 6.0 ips. For the most part the line performs as advertised. It loads the rod beautifully and shoots through the guides like a shooting head. The only problems that I have encountered with the line is that it sinks so fast if you move around at all while stripping the line in you wind up stepping on the line and sometime getting it tangled around your boots which is more of a fishermen's problem than a fly line problem. The other problem would be that after using it for several months I found that it tends to knot very easily. I've stripped the Wet Cel V onto the stripping apron of my float tube and found that when I worked the line out for another cast knots would form in the line which I had to stop and remove before recasting. I feel that Scientific Anglers has improved this line greatly from their earlier versions and would recommend this line to friends.




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