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Summer On The Test And Anton

Gary Lane

It's hard to believe but we are having a summer, It's about 26-28 degrees most days and the nights light through until (not quite Scandinavia but good enough).
I'm very luck over here as I have fishing on both the Test and the Anton, the Test is the Queen of the Chalkstream in England and the Anton is a Tributary that flows into the Test just below Fullerton ( next to the Mayfly pub).
The Fullerton beat of the Test (pic) is beat 2 , it's about ¾ mile and is just below the Wherewell estate, the river is at about it's widest part here and has a good flow on it, the main reason for it's size here is that all of the tributaries join about here before once agin branching below Leckford water .

A Summers Day (Take one).
On Sunday last the day started out very bright but as I drove down to the river (45 mins) the clouds where gathering, Im really not sure who was wetter me or the fish, me I fear.
It rained from about 9.30 until 2.30 no stop, I was convinced that the guy that I could see on the far bank in his field was building an Ark. The fishing was hard, no it was next to impossible - I couldn't see the fish- the fly (dry fly ha ha) Oh did I mention the wind.
The out come was that I caught a very nice Grayling 1Ib 10oz that put up a real good fight, He was caught on a Daddy Long legs ( it had to be big to see it) but I admit by chance rather than luck.
At 2.30 I made a great decision, STOP FISHING, and I dripped my way to the pub.
However all has not been lost this week as I fished the Anton yesterday Beat 2 (pics) and the contrast to above was 110%.
Beat 2 , is about ½ mile of shallows, quick runs, deep pools in bends and you share the water meadows with a herd of sheep (no one around at all-bliss).
Sunny warm day, very bright, started at 9am a little late but I stopped to take the Photo's of the Test on the way down.
Once at the bottom off my beat I could see that there where some rises but to what, it looked as if the fish that where feeding where taking just below the surface (problem we cannot nymph until July 1st), I tried to cover a few browns with a small CDC and also a Tupps but nothing, moving up stream I changed to a Grey Klinkhammer- Interest but no takers. Encouraged by this I changed to a Cream Klinkhammer, bang taken first time a brown about 2Ib. This fly worked almost all day with a total of 5 browns and 4 grayling.
I end my fishing about 3pm as I had to head back home, but a great day out.
I am Fishing the same River with Sean Mah who many of you will know, we are fishing beat 4 in July and I hope Sean will tell you how it goes.
Until then, Tight Lines from the Chalkstreams.





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