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Tibor Reels

Owning a Tibor Reel is like owning a Blue Chip Stock. Whether stalking bonefish on the flats or fly fishing for steelhead on one of the many great river's of the Pacific Northwest you won't find a better compliment to your fly fishing equipment than the Everglades model. With it's exqusite design and quality craftsmanship the Everglade's Tibor Reel can only be compared to a Rolex time piece.
I've loaded my Everglades with about two hundred yards of backing and an 8 weight line and have found the 8.5 ounce reel a perfect partner which is virtually maintenance free. The recommended Tibor maintenance calls for checking the luberication at five or six years !
If you are interested in making an investment in a quality fly reel and not just buy something to hold your fly line, you won't go wrong with the Everglades model Tibor Reel.




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