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Ultra 3 in the Rocky Mountain West

Bob Kloskowski

In March of last year I made my annual fly fishing trip to the San Juan River in New Mexico. Prior to my trip my preparations included the replacement of my fly line. I do most of my fishing on the San Juan River with a nine foot four weight fly rod so my choice for a fly line was the Scientific Anglers Ultra 3 WF4F. The line's performance on the San Juan was outstanding. I fished this wonderful river in New Mexico from March 15th through April 1st. Every morning I'd fish my four weight using #22 midge emergers and larva then switching to dries when hatches would appear. I found the Scientific Anglers Ultra 3 Line a delight to cast. I found the need to clean the line on several occasions with a mild soapy water.
At the end of May I was using my four weight once again on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park. Once again I enjoyed the performance and subtleness of the Ultra 3 fly line fishing the Baetis, PMD and Caddis hatches through the month of June.
By the end of June I noticed that minor cracking was developing in portions of my fly line. After another week the cracks became more predominate and I decided to send the line back to Scientific Anglers for replacement.
While I was disappointed with the service that I obtained from the Scientific Anglers Ultra 3 fly line, I found the people at Scientific Anglers very nice people to conduct business with while honoring their company guarantee and replacing my fly line at no charge.
I would purchase another Scientific Angler's Ultra 3 Fly Line more for the customer service that I received than for the product quality that I received.




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