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A Great Vest For Non-Guides

Bob Kloskowski

The Simms Guide Vest is for everyone not just Guides !
I've gone through many fly fishing vests before I found the Simms Guide Vest. Initially I was impressed with the quality of it's construction, roomy and secure pockets and hidden retractors. With other vests I seemed to be always losing things from my vest pockets when I would bend over to release a fish. The high quality zippers on the two lower large pockets helps solve the missing flies or missing equipment problem and the two hidden retractors hold your nippers and hemos but move them out of the way when your not using them. Because I tend to over load my fishing vest the extra padded area in the shoulders makes wearing the Simms Guide Vest more enjoyable.
The only problem that I have encountered is that I tend to soil my vest easily. It seems that when I return the floatant to it's place I soil that pocket area with excess floatant. The good side is that the Simms Guide Vest launders very well.
I would recommend the Simms Guide Vest to everyone. While I own the Tan color model I might consider a darker color if I were to buy another vest. Perhaps I wouldn't notice the soiled pocket area with a darker color.




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